Quiz Night very successful

(von OCTOBER 30, 2008)

Whoever missed it, missed a good one. The Quiz Night was a highlight. Quite a few members were present with their families as well. As the proverbial Fish and Chips arrived, the fun began in ernest.

cook FnChips

Our Cook and the Regiment should get our special thanks.

Full of Perch and energy, the difficult part began with 64 Questions (The $64 Question—NBC radio, September 10, 1950-June 1, 1952???) that were worth 70 points.


If you knew how many legs a scorpion has or Shakespeare’s longest play, you had a good chance of victory. Tough nuts of questions in common themes but still not too heavy on German or British culture as to be fair to all. Just how steep the climb was is reflected in the winning score of 42, 60% correct. Try that at school and hope to pass!

There must be some more members out there who can top 60%. Who will come next year to challenge the “Vantastik Vour” who have won for the last 3 of 4 years? This wicked “WKD” team awaits your challenge!



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