Easy English Anyone?

Canadian Bloggers were in Hameln and did a cute report about our city. People the world-over are teaching their children English with the use of their website. We are glad to present them here…

To Hamelin We Go!

Our videos often feature our misty, trees-y home territory, the Pacific Northwest. And we’re not complaining about that!

But every artist needs to mix things up. That’s why we took a big leap and went all the way to Germany last fall to film our first Pancake Manor video abroad (read all about our experience and Germany’s awesome Fairy Tale Route in our blog post!). Reb had visited Hamelin a few years ago and emerged with a new Facebook friend, The Pied Piper. Yes, the one from the fairy tale…the guy in the snazzy multilcoloured tights.

She just knew that she had to get back there for Pancake Manor and immortalize those tights on our channel. And we finally did!

Another first: we filmed the entire video with an iPhone!

If you’d like to see how it turned out, check The Pied Piper of Hamelin Meets Mr. Toodledoodle.

Now, as you may recall from your own childhood, The Pied Piper of Hamelin is one of those dark Grimm tales, with the piper ultimately stealing the children n’ all.

So, we decided that our video would be more of a travelogue than a retelling of the original story. However, we definitely encourage you to read the rat-infested story to your own children. Please visit our Amazon Influencer store to see our picks for Pied Piper books.

Rat-shaped ice cream sundae? Only in Hamelin! Visit our blog post to read more about family travel to this storybook German town.

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