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3 thoughts on “Beitrittserklärung

  1. Hallo, wir würden euch gerne mal kennenlernen. Wie ist das am besten möglich? Beim Stammtisch oder gibt es noch andere Events?
    Wir sind Steve und Sylvia und mögen die englische Lebensart.


  2. Hallo My name’s Geoff From Obernkirchen. As you probably know Bad Eilsen was
    the Headquarters of the Royal Airforce from 1946 until 1953,and from the last
    15 years the veterans have returned every year, but because of people aging,
    participation almost stopped hardly anyone can make it anymore, but as a member ot the
    local community I’d like to keep the tradition going.
    It would be great if you could join us, together with the Royal British Legion Minden
    for a deutsch british afternoon on the first Sunday in July.
    All the best Geoff Rich.


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